Guardianship Support Center


Advance Directives: An Overview
Advance Directive Forms – State of Wisconsin
Tips for Dealing with POA Agents
Combined POAs

Power of Attorney for Health Care

POA-HC: Do-It-Yourself Packet
POA-HC: Revocation Packet
POA-HC: An Overview and FAQs

Responsibility of POA-HC Agent
Authority to Admit to Nursing Homes, CBRFs, RCACs and Hospice
Living Will and POA-HC Comparison
POA-HC: Out of State
POA-HC: Requirements
POA-HC: Responsibility of Agent
POA-HC: 10 Reasons to Complete

Power of Attorney for Finances and Property

POA-F: Do-It-Yourself Packet
POA-F: Revocation Packet


Basic Information
The Process for Establishing an Adult Guardianship (flowchart)
Dealing With A Surrogate Decision-Maker
The Rights of a Proposed Ward
How to Ask the Court to Change or End a Guardianship
Guardianship of Adults – A Decision-Making Guide
(Wisconsin Department of Health Services: written by Roy Froemming and Betsy Abramson, 1997; updated by Roy Froemming, 2010)
Medicare Part D
Information on Corporate Guardianships (State of Wisconsin)
Volunteer Guardians: Background Checks
Volunteer Guardianship Programs: A Summary of Best Practices
Changes in Wisconsin’s Guardianship Law: 880 vs. 54

Guardianship of the Person

Standards for Appointing a GP
GP: Duties and Powers
GP: A Checklist to Get Started
GP: Access to the Ward’s Health Care and Treatment Records
GP: Can a Guardian Withhold or Withdraw Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment?
GP: The Authority to Admit to Nursing Homes, CBRFs, RCACs and Hospice

Guardianship of the Estate

Standards for Appointing a GE
GE: Duties and Powers
GE: A Checklist to Get Started
GE: How to Complete an Inventory
GE: How to Complete an Annual Accounting


Standards for Protective Placement/Services
Chapter 55: Application of WI Adult Protective Services Law and Adults-At-Risk Related Statutes
(Wisconsin Department of Health Services: written by Roy Froemming, 1994, updated by Roy Froemming, 2007)
Summary Changes to Elder Adults/Adults at Risk Laws


Managing Your Finances Through Conservatorship


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