Education and Enforcement Against Elder Financial Exploitation

“These materials were supported, in part, by a grant (Number 90AM3183/01) from the Administration on Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Grantees carrying out projects under government sponsorship are encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Therefore, points of view or opinions of the author do not necessarily represent official Administration on Aging or DHHS policy.”


Financial (Durable) Power of Attorney: Do-It-Yourself Consumer Packet
Financial (Durable) Power of Attorney: Revocation Packet
Prevent “Early Inheritance”
Tips to Prevent Identity Theft
Warning Signs of Financial Exploitation
Popular Scams and How to Avoid Them
The Risks of Two Common Financial Planning Tools


Understanding the Role of Your Legal Advocate and Preventing Abuse (2012)
Early Inheritance and “I Know Best”: Dealing with Family Drama and Substitute Decision Makers (2012)
Crash Course in POAs (2012)
Chapter 244: The New Power of Attorney for Finances (2011)
The New Power of Attorney in Elder Financial Abuse Cases (2011)
Understanding Powers of Attorney (2011)
Training for Law Enforcement (2011)
The Law of Family Dysfunction: Substitute Decision Makers (2011)
Chapter 244: Advanced Drafting Tips (CLE) (2010)
Chapter 244: Crash Course for Legal Advocates (2010)
Elder Financial Exploitation and Prosecution (2010)
Elder Abuse and Prosecution (2010)
More Money, More Drama: Preventing Financial Abuse of Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease (2010)
APS Training (2010)
Identifying and Reporting Elder Abuse within a Facility (2010)
Defining Roles of Advocates in Elder Financial Exploitation Cases (2010)
Elder Financial Exploitation Prevention (2010)
Chapter 244: The New Durable Power of Attorney Act (CLE) (2010)
Financial Exploitation Prevention: County Training (2010)
Triangle of Cooperation: APS, Financial Institutions and Law Enforcement (2010)
Elder Financial Exploitation and Prosecution (co-presented with Assistant Attorney General) (2009)
Financial Institutions: Your Role in Elder Financial Exploitation Prevention (2009)
Senior Safe: Triangle of Cooperation National VOC Conference Training (2009)
Triangle of Cooperation Training for Counties (2009)